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Catering & Equipment Listings
Catering Listings
Buffet/Hi-Tea / Cocktails
  • Standard Set-up
    Full set up of buffet tables & beverage counter, provision of disposable wares and cutleries, paper serviettes, menu tags and serving gear. Floral arrangement and display artifacts will be made available. Include transportation, logistics.
  • Premium Set-up
    Full set up of buffet tables and beverage counter with floral arrangement and display artifacts.
    Provision of stainless-steel cutleries, porcelain plates & glasswares. Menu tags, serving gear and a service staff in attendance. Include transportation and logistics.
Sit Down Chinese, Modern Chinese, Vegetarian & Muslim Padang
Catering charge refer to logistics & transportation including complete settings with the provision of porcelain wares and cutleries.
[It does not include other equipment rental charges like tables, chairs, tentage, decoration and floral arrangement]
All kitchen equipment will be provided & preparation of food will be done on site with a permitted licence (if required
Mobile kitchen usage is optional and logistics charges @$1,200 exclude other fees may be incurred on the premise.
Equipment Listings
Operating EquipmentPer piece
Round table 5 feet$5
Round table 6 feet$7
Square 3’ by 3’$4
Oblong 4’ by 2’$5
Oblong 6’ by 2’$12
Cocktail round (tall)$8
Cushion Chair (round back)$3
Chair Cover- Ivory/black$3
Baby Chair$12
ROM/Solemnisation Floral Packages
$250 subject to applicable GST
  • Floral stands with fresh floral arrangement- 2 nos
  • Floral arrangement (long-low) for rectangular table for solemnisation- 1 nos
  • Floral arrangement (round) for host table for dining – 1 nos
  • Flowers, sash or fillers for Couple’s chairs for solemnisation – 2 nos
  • Single stalk flower on each chair at the solemnisation or dining area for guests – 20 nos
* Prices subject to service charge and applicable GST. Catering charges apply.
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